Air Duct Sealing


Have you ever faced a situation where you had to pay significantly high energy bills for an air conditioner that barely cools? While you may think your HVAC unit has run its course, but that may not always be the case. Sometimes, when your air ducts are not properly installed or have leaks and fissures, then your AC will not work optimally. So before you rush into buying a new HVAC, call a specialist at Country Club Hills IL Air Duct Cleaning to inspect the source of problem. Our experts will be able to tell exactly what is wrong with your AC and will be able to fix it in no time.

Air ducts are a network of tubes and channels that are used to help air flow freely through the house. Simply put, they are like the plumbing system that carries cool or hot air across your property. When these channels are not installed properly, they can cause the air to escape that puts a lot of pressure on your HVAC system. Country Club Hills IL Air Duct Cleaning is specialist in providing duct sealing services to patch all holes and prevent the air from escaping. This way, you not only avoid loss of air but also improve the efficiency of your unit. If you are in Country Club Hills, IL and need an expert duct sealing service, then call 708-566-6322 today.

How to tell if your air duct is properly sealed?

Ductwork laying is not as simple as one would think. This complex web of tubes and channels spread through your property is meant to allow seamless air flow. But in case of a problem, only an expert who has experience with advanced tools can navigate through these ducts to find the source of problem. However, here are some tell-tale signs that will help identify leaking or poorly installed ducts.

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  • Increased energy bills without increase in consumption
  • HVAC takes longer to heat or cool the room
  • The rooms feel suffocating
  • Ducts look twisted or crushed
  • Your ducts are located in a crawlspace, basement, or an attic

If you have seen some of these signs, if not all, there is a good chance that your ductwork has a problem.

Air duct leaks - Detection and remedy

You can lose up to 30% air due to leaky ducts or poorly-installed ductwork. Some of the common issues associated with air ducts include:

  • Leaking and ill-connected air ducts
  • Holes in filter slot and furnace
  • Too many bends in ductwork that obstruct airflow
  • Poorly sealed registers and grills

Country Club Hills IL Air Duct Cleaning has a team of experts that uses advanced tools and expertise to determine HVAC unit’s air balance in terms of supply and return. Once the leaks are identified, the issues are eliminated by sealing the problem areas. We further insulate unconditioned spaces to prevent heat loss and improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit.  

We have years of experience in working across all kinds of projects. Our experts today not only have expertise in ductwork sealing but also dexterity to do it better than anyone else. While most companies take a long time in fixing the issue, we can get done with it in a few hours.

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Don't let poor ductwork sealing issues rob you of your night’s sleep and lead to inflated bills. If you live in Country Club Hills, IL, call us today and get affordable solutions within hours.